My passion for Digital Marketing has grown as I gathered hands-on experience in this constantly changing field. Even to the point that I now believe I have grown professionally alongside online advertising, social media and mobile apps.

I launched on September 9, 2013, with the precise objective of developing it into more than “just another online marketing blog”. I am currently the main (and only) contributor to the blog. Despite the division and separation of various sections, the intended focus is on Content Marketing. It actually makes a lot of sense for me (even the title), as it combines two of my most accentuated passions: marketing and writing.

The content of the blog is structured as follows:
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising
Digital Marketing Tools
+ a Useful stuff menu providing additional online marketing resources (reviews, short links, news) is up and running, so you are welcome to visit it and browse through the posts at any time!


Later edit: September 21, 2015 – this is the date I launched Georgiana’s Writing Space. It took me quite a lot to realize this is something I absolutely had to do. But here it is, all new and shiny and full of blank pages for me to fill. Maybe it’s not the first bilingual blog you’ve ever laid eyes upon, but it’ll surely provide some bookmarkable articles. Come back to it every once in a while to see how I’m doing.