I have been writing ever since I can remember. About anything and everything. From literary comments on novels or short stories for school, to essays for English class, to poetry and flow-of-thought kind of prose in my spare time, to website content and marketing ads, to reports and analyses of promotion campaigns, to political discourse analysis and interpretative accounts of historical data, to culture and civilization insights, to legal documents, to software documentation, to case studies and white papers, to catchy descriptions of services and products, to blog entries – I have written it all!

Well, it might not sound much for someone in their (very) early thirties, but it sure is a hell of a beginning for me! I come from a family where literature and the power of the word (be it written or spoken) have always been paramount.

Writing is my therapy. I’m not saying I’m excellent at it, but experience tells me there are very few people who are better at combining words than me. I master grammar and vocabulary in both English and Romanian, and would never think of myself as anything less than a genuine content creator. Because I know I can make words work and that I will keep it up for as long as my fingertips still serve me. Words will never be obsolete.

PS: I put together a list of Published Books for the world to know about.