Did I actually not mention anything about this so far? Well, we have this certificate in Romania that recognizes one’s ability to translate words from one language to another. And it’s issued by the Ministry of Justice, so that must give it at least some credibility. I actually own one of these certificates. It says that I, Georgiana Brânzei, am an authorized translator and interpreter for the English language.

I used to ask myself why this would be of any importance for anyone other than myself (and my family). It’s only recently that I realized that this is, in fact, one of my greatest professional achievements. Of course, not the paper per se, but rather the skills it confirms. So, should you need a Romanian-to-English or English-to-Romanian translator, look no further! Contact me!

PS: So far, I only have two side projects in translation, namely: two short films by Vlad, a talented guy from Brașov, whom I met in the USA, in 2007. Check them (i.e. the covers) out here.