I have been an English language trainer since August 2014, and an instructor at UniversiFLY since the autumn of the same year. In other words, I have been providing English language and communication courses to adult learners for more than two years now. Two short, yet full and fulfilling years, during which I have literally met hundreds of people who are eager to consolidate their knowledge of English. It’s a great thing to see in others! And it’s a viable incentive for me to keep doing it.

Whether it’s a grammar lesson or a communication module, my training sessions serve a two-fold purpose: on the one hand, they contribute to the professional development of the attendees (just ask any of the Flight Attendant School graduates), and, on the other hand, they provide a unique space for me to further enhance and consolidate my pedagogical skills. Being a certified Trainer is not a big deal, really. Receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from your students is. And I am not one to hide my gratitude towards each and every one of the people I came into contact with during my classes. You guys gave me wings – we are doing this together!