I will never stop learning. I have grown – both professionally and personally – by taking on new challenges. I had no “formal” studies in Marketing when I first started. Nobody taught me how to write copy. And I certainly had no guidance when it came to writing my poems. Accepting my weaknesses and acknowledging my potential meant consistency, in my case. Together with perseverance and an actual willingness to develop both as an Online Marketer and a Creative Writer, this was key, and eventually led to progress. And results. Measurable and real results. Of work I had done. Even when this was not the case and I could not necessarily count leads or sales growth – it was definitely the kind of progress that matters.

I will never stop using and applying what I already know. It’s in my nature to take on each and every project with a kind of optimistic realism and do my best to make it work. “Good enough” is not good enough for me! I aim for excellence – in whatever form it might be needed.

I would be more than thrilled to hear about your project or idea! Feel free to browse through my Resume and drop me a line if you think we could bring our competencies and abilities together to make something awesome happen.